Custom Charter Sticker Pack

19.99 GBP
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Custom Charter Sticker Pack

19.99 GBP
Want your very own weather resistant laminated charter stickers? Now you can!!! Uber high quality and designed to last even outdoors...

The stickers are anything but standard and feature your very own charter patch! They feature a laminated high gloss surface which ensures ultra high clarity, UV and scratch resistance. Additional to this they are extremely weather resistant and designed to last. 

As there will be many stickers included why not share the cost with a few of your charter members - share the love!

- Quantity: This all depends on the design but you will get as many that can fit on a  1300 x 300mm sheet
- Standard sticker size: around 10cm high
- laminated 
- High gloss surface
- Ultra high clarity
- UV resistance
- Scratch resistance
- Weather resistant

Other Information:
- As these are custom produced to order there can be a delay of upto 4 weeks
- Please ensure your patch is very high quality with a DPI of at least 150
- Email your charter patch design to