Elite PLUS: 1 Year Membership (STAGE 3)

35 GBP
Elite PLUS: 1 Year Membership (STAGE 3)
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Elite PLUS: 1 Year Membership (STAGE 3)

35 GBP
UKSN Elite Membership PLUS
Welcome to UKSN - One of the UK's fastest growing online bushcraft, adventure and survival based organisations. Start your adventure today... 

The Elite PLUS edition is our highest paid membership pack which includes £34 worth of physical items and access to UKSN's radio licence - Allowing you to legally use a 4w portable radio such as the UV5R on specific assigned frequencies.

You will also receive:

- Metal challenge coin
- Ultimate Paracord bracelet (Whistle buckle with integrated button compass plus Ferro and blade buckle, 2 small blades, Wire saw, Fishing line, Fishing hooks, Petroleum and acetone covered cotton wool capsule & Sniper tape)
- Elite UKSN velcro patch
- Welcome Email and digital membership pack
- Use of UKSN's radio licence plus downloadable radio pack
- Access to SN1
- Full website and Forum access.
- Automatic entry's into 99% of competitions.

Physical products included:
- 1x Challenge Coin
- 1x Ultimate Paracord Bracelet
- 1x Elite Velcro Patch

To claim the paracord bracelet:
Await your welcome email which will contain a unique reference number. You then simply visit UKSN Paracord (Facebook) and send a message quoting your required size and postage details.
Gift Membership
If you are gifting membership please select the gift option from the drop down. Please leave the individuals details (Name/Email/Address) in the comments and quote 'GIFT'.

Please note:
- The paracord bracelet is made to order and will be sent separately to the membership pack. This can take upto 4 weeks as it is hand made to your personal size specifications.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Membership Delivery ETA : 4 Weeks (Worst case)  


Bringing the outdoor community together

UKSN was created to bring the whole outdoor community together. Whether you enjoy Adventure, Survival & Prepping or Bushcraft – UKSN is for you.


The world we live in is highly unstable. Create a B.O.B, Learn survival techniques, Comms skills, Bushcraft and more with UKSN.

Get outside

We promote the outdoors as a healthy free way to entertain the kids, get fit and have fun as a family. Turn off the video games, Put down the keyboard and get outdoors.

Connect with your ancestors

In this age of technology and 24 hour connected media it is imperative to get outside and feel connected to our ancestors. They had skills we cant afford to loose.

Open your eyes

Open your eyes and look to the future by learning from our past. Become a better, more informed person who can make decisions based on knowledge and not 'propaganda'. We believe in hard facts - Not what is distributed by the media.

Member orientated

We offer paid membership from just £15, which includes access to our radio licence. This means you can finally use your UV-5R on specific frequencies.

 As all of our profits go towards group operation it's no wonder that we're rapidly growing. Currently, we have over 1100 members in the UK alone.