SURVIVAL Compact First Aid Kit (Mini)

29.95 GBP
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SURVIVAL Compact First Aid Kit (Mini)

29.95 GBP

We are very excited to finally introduce the Survival Emergency Solutions first aid kit. A kit that is practically perfect - Over engineered, Easy to use and designed to last... An absolute market leader.

The first aid kits were a direct response to a family tragedy in the Founders family and created and designed by the Tyrrell brothers to be absolute simplicity to use. Survival Emergency Solutions are absolute leaders and innovators in the field of first aid - Selling over 2 million kits worldwide!  

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The compact kit is small enough to fit in your trouser pocket or attached to your belt through the use of the belt loops.

We know how important it is to have access to first aid when you are on the go. Weighing in at under 200grams, you will hardly know you are even carrying this kit. We’ve included enough first aid components to get you by until you can seek further medical treatment at a hospital or GP.

Each item is labeled so you know what it is and there is a personal space section for you to include any additional items such as medications.

You no longer have any excuses for not being prepared. The compact kit is the very minimum you should take on your next adventure. If you are very space and weight conscious then this it the kit for you!

What should the compact kit be used for?

We recommend the compact kit accompany you whenever you leave the house - BE PREPARED


  • Splinter probes x5
  • Shears (small) x1
  • Tweezers, plastic x1
  • Safety pins x2
  • CPR disposable face shield mask x1
  • Gloves, pair x1
  • Skin cleaning wipes, with certimide, x3
  • Non adherent dressing, 5cm x 5cm, x2
  • Bandaids, mixed sizes (8 normal size, 2 large size), x10
  • Small roll of tape x1
  • CPR card x1