SURVIVAL Handy First Aid Kit (Small)

43.95 GBP
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SURVIVAL Handy First Aid Kit (Small)

43.95 GBP

We are very excited to finally introduce the Survival Emergency Solutions first aid kit. A kit that is practically perfect - Over engineered, Easy to use and designed to last... An absolute market leader.

The first aid kits were a direct response to a family tragedy in the Founders family and created and designed by the Tyrrell brothers to be absolute simplicity to use. Survival Emergency Solutions are absolute leaders and innovators in the field of first aid - Selling over 2 million kits worldwide!  

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The handy first aid kit was designed to be portable and handy enough to contain just the right amount of first aid components to get you through until you can access further medical treatment.

The kit weighs just under 500 grams yet it still contains Survival’s SMART Snake Bandage, a Pocket CPR Kit with gloves, saline, antiseptic wipes and a resuscitation mask, shears, a first aid instruction booklet, tweezers, wound closures and lots more.

The bag itself is durable, water resistant and rugged. There is a zippered section on the outside of the bag to insert additional items such as your own medications or other necessities that you can’t leave home without.

Inside the kit, each first aid component has it’s own space and it is clearly labeled telling what the item is, what it should be used for and how many you should keep in your kit. You’ll never need to worry about where to find the first aid item you need in an emergency!

Who should purchase this kit?

If you love travelling, day trips or have a small bag that needs a kit then the handy kit is for you. We recommend it for handbags, sport bags, day trips, weekend trips, round the world travel, mountain bikers, BMX, camping, hiking, trekking or even in the baby pram.

Having been on plenty of adventures already, with thousands of Aussie’s, make sure you don’t leave home without one. The handy kit will quickly become your best friend and will be the first thing you pack on any adventure. It has been Australia’s best portable first aid kit for years and now is available worldwide.


  • 0 x Adhesive dressings, individually wrapped
  • 4 x Antiseptic wipes (1 with CPR KIT)
  • Bandage shears, 15cm stainless steel
  • Cotton gauze swabs, individual but come in packs of 3, sterile, 7.5cm x 7.5cm
  • CPR Card
  • First Aid Booklet
  • Hypo allergenic adhesive tape, 25mm
  • 2 x Nitrile gloves large (1 pair with CPR mask)
  • Note Pad & Pencil
  • Smart Bandage, 2m x 10cm, Pressure Bandage
  • Resuscitation face mask, disposable, incl 1 pair gloves & antiseptic wipe (in CPR KIT)
  • 2 x Saline, 15ml
  • 2 x Safety Pins
  • Splinter probes, individual, sterile - 1 pack of 5
  • Triangular bandage, 96cm x 96cm x 136cm
  • Tweezers, rust resistant with tip guard, stainless steel (small Handy)
  • Wound closures (1 pack of 3), sterile