UKSN FireZip (5 included) - Coyote/Black

5.99 GBP
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UKSN FireZip (5 included) - Coyote/Black

5.99 GBP
Firecord Zip Pulls are a bit of a no brainer. Simply replace your existing zip pulls on your jacket, rucksack or both and you will always have some great quality, waterproof tinder with you all the time.

The three most useful bits of kit you can carry all the time when in the great outdoors would be a knife, some cordage and the ability to light a fire. In the true spirit of survival - FireCord helps combine two of these elements in one product.

The paracord has LiveFire - the waterproof fire starting tinder inserted it as a "Tracer". This tracer line is colour coded so it doesn't get confused with the other internal lines and is completely waterproof. To deploy simply remove a small length of the tracer line, this doesn't effect the paracord as it is still perfectly usuable as 7 strand 550 paracord.

- Made From Live Fire Gear Fire Cord
- Easily Ignites From A Firesteel Spark
- Water Resistant, Flammable Core
- Approximately 60's Burn Time Per Zipper Pull
- 5 Zippers included
- Choose from Black or Coyote 
- Created to order by UKSN

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