UKSN 'The Sticker Pack' *NEW*

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UKSN 'The Sticker Pack' *NEW*

Now you can show you are a proud member of the UKSN by sticking one on everything you own. We all love stickers...

We are proud to introduce the UKSN sticker pack that comes with 6 laminated UKSN stickers and a larger window sticker. The stickers are anything but standard! They feature a laminated high gloss surface which ensures ultra high clarity, UV and scratch resistance. Additional to this they are extremely weather resistant and designed to last. The large window sticker features a reversed design and an inside adhesive print. This means the window sticker actually sticks on the inside of the window stopping it from getting damaged and increasing its longevity.

Pimp your car or kit with the ultimate sticker upgrade!!!!!

- Quantity: 1x Window Sticker, 6x Standard Stickers
- Standard sticker size: 11x4cm
- Window sticker size: 22x7.5cm
-  laminated
- High gloss surface
- Ultra high clarity
- UV resistance
- Scratch resistance
- Weather resistant